Photos 2019-2020

lr stage 2020
lr stage 2020

lr stage 2020
lr stage 2020


Photo By Angela Rawlins

Photo By Paul Davis

Photo By Jim King

Photo By Sam Halverson

Photo By Kristen Metzinger

Video Gallery

Loop Rawlins in Slow Motion By Michael Su

Modern WILD West Gun Spinning

Specialty Act Highlights

ARENA/HaLFTIME Show Trick Roping clip

More Photos

America's Got Talent  Quarterfinalist Season 9

Loop and Angela Rawlins Radio City

Before First Audition

Loop's Audition
Loop's Audition
Judgment Week Act
Judgment Week Act

Vote Loop Card


Wild West Arts Reel Behind the Scenes

Photos By Paolo Santos & Caroline Sicard

Click here to watch the reel on 'The Arts' page.

Collette Lash Photography (2010)

Logandale, NV