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Click here to go to our Show page which includes a video demo, photos, a detailed show description, and an FAQ section.  We want you to know exactly what you will be getting if you hire Loop Rawlins Wild West Show.


Need to get availability and pricing for an event that is right around the corner?   E-mail us at and your email will be forwarded to 3 inboxes.  We know that in the entertainment world time is of the essence.



Are you an event planner or Entertainment Agency?  If so, you are in luck. Loop Rawlins has worked at some of the highest end events around the nation.  Besides being a former Cirque Du Soleil performer Loop is also versatile ins his different styles of performance.  He is able to mold & customize his performance to fit your event.  He is know for his exceptional communication with planners & agents, quick response when returning calls & e-mails,  and arriving early to events to make sure that everything is good to go. 

Testimonial below from an event planner that has booked Loop several times:


“I once in a blue moon take the time to sit down and put pen to paper when I receive incomparable service. Yet I simply could not let this occasion pass me by. Mr. Loop Rawlins is as Professional as they come. His many many talents will amaze you as well as his charming insight in all that he does. If you are looking for remarkable western entertainment to hire such as incredible trick roping, gun spinning, Wild West comedy and whip cracking I would highly recommend Loop Rawlins. I have hired him for more then 25 events in the last 3 or 4 years and he is awesome each and every time.

Karen May Vice President Sales & Marketing  "CSI-Conference Services International”

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