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          Loop Rawlins is one of the most versatile Western performers in the world today. His unique act of trick roping, whip cracking and fancy gun spinning has thrilled thousands of audiences. Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, As a kid Loop loved adventure movies and always had a knack for entertaining.  So, when he saw trick roping for the first time he was inspired to learn the technique.


          Recently, Loop Rawlins appeared on the summer hit television show, 'America's Got Talent', on NBC making it to the Quarterfinals.  Loop continues to keep the spirit of the West alive through his performances around the world.

          His parents thought that "playing cowboy" was just another hobby that would pass - until, at age 16, Loop competed and won five International Wild West Arts awards in Las Vegas.  Continuing to grow in his craft Loop was spotted by Cirque Du Soleil and cast Loop to be a specialty act in the show 'Viva Elvis' features in Las Vegas.  After a three year run with Cirque Loop continued performing at several high end events including opening for country music stars and performing for celebrities. He also produced and starred in an award winning western short film entitled 'The Adventures of Loop & Rhett'. 

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