THE show

"Absolute Showman"

- Russell True, Owner of the ​

White Stallion Ranch

   "LOOP IS A Genius

                with a rope."

-Pedro Pascal

Actor (Game of Thrones)

​"Loop Rawlins riles up the crowd!" ​

-Arizona Daily Star

   "Amazing Loop!"

-Colin Firth

Actor & Academy Award Winner

The Act.

The Show.

Two different styles of performances.

One unforgettable experience.

"A Personable, Interactive, Humorous, Choreographed performance"




Up to 30 mins.


-All of Loop's Wild West Routines

-Audience interaction & Participation,

  with Talking

-Western Theme Music


Corporate Events, Festivals, evening,

& daytime performances.


Stage lighting if Indoors or in the evening, Sound System, Stage 20' deep by 20' Wide with a 14' High Clearance. 

(Show can be modified to work in smaller spaces)

Tech Loop Provides:

Wireless Mic, mp3 player and all

cables to plug into  sound system.


Up to 10 mins.



-Modern & Western Music

-All of Loop's Wild West Routines

-Similar style as seen on America's Got Talent

-Pure Performance, without talking.


Arenas, Rodeos, Halftime shows, and Corporate Events.

(Works best in the evening or indoors with high-end stage lighting and sound)


High End lighting (Spot lights or intelligent lighting) Sound System, space 20' deep by 20' Wide with a 14' High Clearance.  (Show can be modified to work in smaller spaces)

Tech Loop Provides:

Music files for Tech.

click hold on screen and move mouse to look around in 360°


Asked Questions

Is Loop Rawlins Insured?​​

Yes, Loop Rawlins performance is fully insured.  And your venue can be additionally insured upon request. ​

Is my budget too low to book Loop Rawlins?

There is only one way to find out and that is to submit our NO OBLIGATION booking form. If Loop is not available for whatever reason he will refer you to other entertainment/performers if possible.

What are Loop Rawlins Space & Technical Requirements?


Loop Rawlins Show requires a 20' x 20' smooth surface with a 14' high clearance. But can be customized to work in smaller spaces.


​Wireless Headset Mic & performance music.​

Stage lighting for performances in the evening or indoors & sound system are required.​



Loop Rawlins Wild West

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Loop Rawlins is the cowboy showman. Gunspining, fancy shooting, bull whip stunts, trick roping,  roping,, and all the wild west antics that go with it for some of the best party entertainment you can find. Loop's Wild West shows and western entertainment is keeping the tradition of the Wild West Show alive, from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show who brought incredible trick roping, whip artistry,gun spinning, fancy gun play, roping, This is the Wild West Show like it was meant to be. Loop performs skills with whips, ropes and guns. Loop keeps these dying arts alive. This performer is a one of a kind act. Gun twirling and gun tricks like you've never seen. Shootouts, gunfighters, gun slingers and cowboys for hire. See the shootist live and you will understand. His cowboy trick roping is a sight to see.
Loop Rawlins offers  gun twirling,  gun spinning,  gunfights, trick roper,  cowboy shows, western shows, wild west shows,  party entertainment, family entertainment
Loop Rawlins is one of the most versatile Western Performers in the world today. His Wild West Show & Act ofTrick Roping, Whip Cracking, & Fancy Gun Spinning has thrilled thousands of Audiences.  From performing with Cirque Du Soleil, to High-End Events, Music Videos, TV Shows,  and even Movies, Loop Rawlins has done it all. . L